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FAJJAR is The first leather company in Sialkot, Pakistan which manufacture and export leathers, motorbike garments, leather jacket, motorbike gear, boots, gloves, jackets, fashion, leather garments, fabric garments, leather suite, motorbike suites, leather vest, chaps, jeans, motorbike jeans, jean pant, waterproof jackets, jacket, cordura jackets, crdura, and custom leather product.

FAJJAR factory is in
Sialkot Pakistan. We import the finest leather from different countries, manufacture the finest quality leather garments and other products plus fashion and motorbike Garments and then export to the world.  

The name Fajjar Leather Garments appeared nearly three decades ago in the city of export ( Sialkot - Pakistan) with an aim and passion to work hard and to attain success in the field of leather by providing quality products. Since Fajjar's inception by Muhammad Ali Akhtar, CEO, its been the dream of Mr. Riaz Akhtar that Fajjar would be recognized through quality. By fulfilling his dream, over 200 skilled personnel are busy and committed to hard work to maintain quality standards.

The first step towards the fulfillment of Mr. Riaz Akhtar's dream is when Fajjjar was certified and recognized for maintaining a high quality system by an International body and achieving ISO 9002 Certificate. A future prospect of Fajjar is to get a Total Quality Management System. As time passes Fajjar is recognized all over the world as a quality producing company and due to this annual turnover is increasing every year as depicted by the following analysis. Fajjar has assets totaling over Rs. 150 million. Factory premises constructed over 35000 sq ft land and more than 125000 sq ft land is available for further construction to boost the business. Every department is equipped with modern technology. Production departments are equipped with modern and automatic machines and heavy generator backs electric power. By producing top quality finished leather, a tannery has been set up and equipped with skilled and modern plant and machinery. Couple of years ago, Fajjar started producing quality fabric garments in addition to the leather garments, gloves and boots. Fajjar has been trying its best in all aspects to utilize all the available resources for the improvement of quality as well as the total well being of its employees. 
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